Convenient Delivery

Getting products delivered at your doorstep with your comfort and ease in mind.
Most items are delivered the next day if claims get processed before 1PM the day before.
Our drivers are courteous and professional. Average number of years of service by our drivers is 15 years.

Insurance Benefits Consulting

We bill all the Major insurance plans

Monthly Supply Ordering

We make monthly refills reminder calls with your approvals.

Call and Support

Our representative will contact you on a regular basis to ensure your needs are met and to answer any questions you may have about your supplies. We frequently call our patient post sale to make sure that the services were rendered according to your expectations.

Product option and Fitting

Our well-trained staff will assist you with identifying the items you need, help you with the fitting and measurements, and even make recommendations.

Insurance and Billing

We are affiliate with all the major insurance plans in the area.


If you plan to pay as a private payer or are paying a copayment, you can use the majority of payment methods today including credit cards, personal checks, corporate checks, money orders, and PayPal. Of note, we accept payments via phone, email, and online through our website.

For insurance billing or products that require a prescription, simply send us the physician’s order via fax, mail, our website, or in person. We can be reached at:

202-726-3100 or

Additionally, we offer volume-based discounts. Let us know which item(s) you would like and how many units you need. From there, we will provide a complimentary quote. Of note, we provide both service AND support.

Healthcare facilities are also eligible for volume discounts and expedited deliveries. We have services available for Nursing Agencies, Nursing Homes, Long term care facilities and Assisted Living Facilities. Our services include.

  1. Business to Business accounts management
  2. Monthly Invoicing and credit
  3. Easy payments and complete purchase history
  4. Timely and seamless delivery
  5. Product searches and acquisitions

We also offer custom-tailored software solutions for healthcare providers. In turn, they are able to download a certificate of medical necessity (CMN) form, authorize their login, and view patient orders. As a result, they can eliminate guesswork and immediately receive status updates