Privacy Policy

New Hampshire Medical Supply has created this statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy.

Following Statement is a Testament to New Hampshire Medical Supply’s uncompromising commitment to privacy.

At New Hampshire Medical Supply, privacy is a top priority. In turn, any information entered on our website or discussed with our team is held with absolute confidentiality, unless you specify otherwise.

Our pledge at New Hampshire Medical Supply is that we will not release your personal data to any individuals, entities, organizations, or third parties without your explicit consent. Additionally, we will only use your contact information occasionally to notify users of new services or events. Under no circumstances will we provide or sell your contact information to third parties.

At any time, you are entitled to change the status of any of your subscriptions to our publications.

We use financial information for the sole purpose of billing patients or facilities for products and services.

Any links found on our New Hampshire Medical Supply website are not under our privacy practices. We recommend reading the privacy policy for any third-party sites that you may visit.