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Category: Enteral Nutrition

Kangaroo ePumpTM Enteral Feeding Pump
Normal Operation “Feed Only Set” Directions For Use
Battery Operation
Unplugging the pump from the AC line will automatically put the pump on battery power. To recharge the battery, plug the pump into an AC wall outlet. Pump will automatically begin charging.
General Instructions
1. Fill or spike feeding container prior to setting up pump.
2. Turn pump on – Press Power button in lower right-hand corner.
3. In order to achieve proper accuracy, the bottom of the feeding set bag must be 18 inches above the top of the feeding pump.
4. Select}“Keep Settings” or}“Clear Settings” (for day to day use with the same feeding regimen the}“Keep Settings” option should be selected).
5. Load the Feeding Set per diagram. Do not overstretch the tubing. Priming the Pump
1. Press}“Prime Pump” to access the pump priming options. 2. Press}“Auto Prime” to automatically prime the pump set. The pump will quickly prime the feed line
and stop the formula before reaching the end of the feeding line. 3. Press the}“Hold To Prime Feed” menu selection to manually top off the line. 4. Press}“Done”.
Setting the Feed Rate
1. Select}“Adjust Feed” then}“Feed Rate” use the buttons on the left to program the pump from 1 to 400 in increments of 1 mL. Select}“Enter” when desired rate is set.
2. Select}“Run”. You will notice a small drop scrolling down the screen when running.
Re-Priming the Pump After the Feed Bag Empties
1. A pump set bag that has been emptied will trigger the Feed Error screen. In this condition the pump set bag can be refilled to continue the feeding, but only after the pump set has been re-primed.
2. Disconnect the feeding line from the patient. 3. Refill the bag. 4. Press}“Continue” to begin the pump running. 5. Press}“Hold”, then press}“Adjust Settings”, then press}“Prime Pump”. 6. Press}“Hold To Prime” to prime the line. (Do Not Use Auto Prime) 7. Press}“Done”, then select}“Run”
To Change Rate or Clear Volume
1. Select}“Hold”. 2. Select}“Clear Vol Fed” to clear the volume. 3. Select}“Adjust Settings” to adjust all settings. 4. Select}“Run” to return to normal operations.
Note: the Volume To Be Delivered “VTBD” Rate is an Optional Feature Only use the “VTBD” option if you want the pump to stop and alarm once a set amount of formula is delivered.
• Select}“Feed VTBD”. Use the buttons on the left to program the VTBD from 1 to 3000 in increments of 1 mL. Select}“Enter” when desired VTBD is set.
Pump sets should not be reused after 24 hours of initial usage.Kangaroo ePumpTM Enteral Feeding Pump

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