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Category: CPAP/ Nebulizer/ Suction

The DreamFit™ Nasal Mask gives sleep apnea patients a new choice in CPAP interface comfort and convenience. Designed with a simple, one-step closure, the DreamFit Nasal Mask is easy for patients to put on and take off. It also features a soft "bellows" chamber between the mask and interface that swivels to accommodate patient movement and help prevent leaks. The soft, pliable DreamFit mask creates an effective, yet comfortable seal. Product Features Unique bellows chamber swivels to help prevent leaks during patient movement. Soft Breath-O-Prene® headgear has simple, one-step closure. Simple, open design with minimal contact to the face. Like our popular Breeze SleepGear™ CPAP Interface System, the airway hose routes over the head to enable sleep in virtually any position.

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  • Sizes: Standerd, Large, Shallow

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